Effective Website Design

Effective website design is judged by the website users and that's why we're interested in the how and why. We don't just provide a website that looks great then move on. We are focused on website development and that means always looking for a better way. We don't just monitor how your website ranks, we also track what visitors do when they get there. We aim to truly comprehend your audience needs and provide real feed back that's not just numbers. 

"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works."- Steve Jobs


We build layouts that deliver your message and save them so that you can re-use the entire section or only the parts you need.  

Easy To Use

Everything we create is built with simplicity in mind. We've done our best to only include the customization options you need. That's a better experience for website visitors and website owners.

Mobile Responsive

Mobile Responsive Design is Google's preferred method to deliver websites to iPads, mobile phones, and other smaller devices. Not being able to display your site on a mobile phone will affect your search rankings.  

Always Up To Date

Hackers will exploit outdated code even if it's well written. We monitor all of our sites for vulnerabilities and apply updates as soon as they are available. Just like your car maintenance is important. For your peace of mind we keep rolling offsite backups too.

Well Coded

We're just as fanatical about well written code as we are about clean designs. The servers we host our sites on and the software that delivers your website are the best available. All of this means no waiting to load your pages.

Return on your investment

Every website we build we aim for the maximum return on your investment. Our experience in website development and our passion for educating our team on industry trends will keep your site performing at its best.

Why Work With Us

We have over 20 years of experience under our belt, that’s before Google started! We understand the changing nature of your business needs to correspond with the constantly changing technological advances, so we keep on top of this, which means you don’t have to. The service we can provide you is easy to use and won’t create any extra work. We make it easy to get your business online and keep it there.

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Our Philosophy

The services we provide to our customers must add value to their business. Our goal is to generate revenue by increasing sales through our web development as well as increasing productivity by providing solutions that are easy to use.

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Our Services

  • Email and Website hosting
  • Website design
  • Website performance reporting for SEO and conversions
  • Cloud base productivity apps for small business.
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What Other Are Saying

John Cope built our very first website way back in 2004 which we thought was awesome! Since then we have rebuilt the site a further 3 times and he never fails to impress with his knowledge and passion for best practice. We stopped using traditional forms of marketing for our business as the web is the the most cost effective and measureable ways to generate sales if done properly. Cope I.T. does that and I highly recommend them.

Ian Cade

Managing Director