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Create Invoices & Quotes in the Field with ServiceM8


In ServiceM8, quotes and invoices are documents which you create and store inside a job. A typical work-flow of a job would be.

  1. You create the job and set its status to ‘Quote’.
  2. Issue a quote (pdf document) to the client.
  3. Move the job to the “Pending Quotes” queue.
  4. When the client contacts you to accept the quote, you change the status to “Work Order” and create a scheduled booking to do the work.
  5. Creating a scheduled booking automatically removes the job from any queues it is in.
  6. You attend the site and complete the work
  7. Change the job status to Completed and issue an invoice to the client.
  8. The invoice is now available in invoicing for payment to be tracked.
  9. Finally, the invoice is paid and the job is automatically archived for future reference.

The above is just an example. ServiceM8 is very flexible in allowing you to work the way that best suits your business or industry. ServiceM8 Partners are specialists in consulting with you to develop a ServiceM8 workflow which suits your business processes.