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Cope IT has over 20 Years experience in the IT Industry and noticed a growing trend. Too many companies were reinventing internal systems and processes instead of working on their service. We are proud partners with Service M8 and many other leading edge mobile - cloud based providers. Cope IT assists with implementation and advice so our customers can do what they do best. Helping more companies simplify their business every day.



Search for that perfect domain your your business.

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Getting online can be daunting. At Cope I.T., we have all of the technical experience to get you started the right way. Reliable web hosting, simple domain registration, excellent service, and affordable.

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Cope I.T. have extensive experience in website design and are highly qualified.

Whether you want to build it yourself and just need a little guidance or a completely new site, we're here to help.

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Don't have time to get ServiceM8 setup & learn the ropes? We are a ServiceM8 Certified Partner so we know the system inside out!

We can assist you with Initial consultation, Setup & implementation, Integration with your existing work processes and account software.

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Affordable, Portable, Simple! Web Services, iPad Apps and CRM To Help You Succeed

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So many small businesses are run off their feet because they needed to change.  Very often business owners admit they knew they needed to make a change but didn’t know how. If this sounds like you it's time to get in touch.